Born in England, I lived the nomadic lifestyle of a military family, moving from town to town and country to country. As young adult I traveled while working in the British Diplomatic Corps, eventually settling in Belize at the age of 25. Throughout a life of transition I have journeyed from: loneliness to building strong new relationships, independence to interdependence, trying to fit in to authenticity, wondering what life is all about to understanding purpose in life and, faith in God.

Passionate about Coaching

I have 20 years management experience in the areas of Corporate Services, Administration, Human Resources and Corporate Governance, having been certified as a Leading Professional in Ethics and Compliance. It is in these fields that I awakened to the deeper part of me born to connect with people and positively contribute to their life. It is also where I gained a wealth of knowledge in Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture Development.


My experience  produced a deep appreciation for the performance cycle. The cycle that is familiar in all walks of life, whether you are a business owner, a leader, an employee, whether working alone or in a team. It includes occasionally being stuck in thought patterns that hold us back and cause us to perform below the high standard we set for ourselves. 


I have been in that place where my engine labored vs. ran at peak performance! I have experienced my own engine overhaul through training as a certified professional coach at the International Coach Academy and through coaching others and being coached. I know the value of having a success partner, a coach, who provides an accountability structure of my own choosing. It is akin to new spark plugs, replacing air filters, adding top grade lube and working with my trusted mechanic to ensure everything is synchronized.  


There are many people who have turbocharged my life over the years, people who have always seen the best in me, had confidence and faith in me, even when I did not have it in myself. Coaching is my way of returning the compliment and immense support provided by others. More importantly coaching is me coming home to my calling!

My Values


I am known for caring. Driven by caring, I am also known for challenging my clients, family, friends and colleagues to live their best life! It is in the caring safe space of coaching that clients explore the deeper part of themselves, create awareness, identify thought patterns that support them or hold them back, as well as recognize vulnerabilities and build new strengths. 

Direct Communication

I listen, I am bold, willing to question and approach areas outside of the comfort zone which many others shy away from. I share observations and offer feedback in the service of your goals. Clients find my approach thought provoking and, as a result, often experience a-ha moments that lead to new and empowering perspectives.


Confidentiality and integrity are non-negotiable in a coaching contract with me. I work within ICF (International Coach Federation) Code of Ethics  I am committed to offering a judgment free space. It is a privilege to partner with, and support clients to build trust, grow in confidence, gain clarity of purpose and work to achieve peak performance.   


My role is to support clients to align their goals, decisions and actions with their core values, that they may be congruent all areas of life.Together we develop structures that sustain alignment. I encourage forward movement, as clients gain motivation by drawing on talents and strengths until momentum is reached.

I see a transformed world, where we live and enjoy our full power and potential.

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