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I am a certified professional coach having trained the the Advanced Level with the International Coach Academy, one of the world’s leading coach training providers.

Coaching with me is about results!  I support my clients to clarify business or personal vision, align with their values, develop and implement strategy, optimize performance and increase success.


I also offer specific and unique consulting in the field of corporate culture. Aligning organizational culture with vision and core values to provide a leading edge and generate faster results.


I work with visionaries, leaders in business and organizations. My clients dream big and take action, they welcome challenge, seek to up their game and, contribute more. Together we create the catalyst that ignites your inner fire and generates power within to achieve the results you seek. Through coaching you will gain clarity of vision, develop a fresh perspective, create new solutions with an action plan and, discover a deeper level of grit that bolsters your performance as you go from strength to strength, success to success!

Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 



By committing to the process you will:

  • Optimize your performance, increase your odds of success and, speed up your growth trajectory

  • Boost confidence, self-esteem and, productivity


  • Increase energy, passion and joy for life

  • Identify and overcome obstacles and underlying beliefs that may be holding you back

  • Gain clarity & self-awareness, develop a fresh perspective and conceive new solutions

  • Make clear focused decisions and design & implement action plans

  • Learn to manage your state and take advantage of momentum

  • Affirm your purpose and align your life with who you want to be

OTHER benefits 

The coaching process also provides:

  • A greater awareness of others and your contribution for the benefit of others

  • Improved relationships - workplace, family, circle of friends, church, community

  • A deeper appreciation for taking ownership and responsibility for your life

  • Empowerment & Engagement - more influence and a realization that you can do & be more

  • Agility - self-awareness and acknowledgement of your own ability to adapt and overcome


Executive Recruiter, Texas

Melanie is an excellent performance coach who I would highly recommend to anyone looking to take your goals to the next level! I originally reached out to Melanie for ideas to grow my start-up but came away with so much more. Melanie helped me identify the limiting beliefs that were affecting my growth and supported me through the discovery process with powerful new insights. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to pursue my dreams in a bold new way! Thank you Melanie!”


Marketing Manager, QATAR

“I worked with Melanie as my coach for five sessions and I truly enjoyed my time with her. Her assertive questions, sincere empathy and powerful observations helped me move forward in my personal journey. She is a great coach” 

Sarah Shokraie 
Vancouver, BC

“Melanie was incredible in helping me discover the underlying causes behind the issues I brought to our sessions, and with creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere to address them in. I felt like I could be completely open and myself when talking with her. I cannot thank her enough for her never-ending encouragement and attentiveness which allowed me to come to terms with where I am and where I want to go. I am much more confident in who I am now. Thank you so much, Melanie!”

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