I am a certified professional coach having trained to the Advanced Level with the International Coach Academy, one of the world’s leading coach training providers.

Coaching with me is about results! I support my clients to clarify business or personal vision, align with their values, develop and implement strategy, optimize performance and resources to increase success.

I also offer specific and unique consulting in the field of corporate culture that aligns organizational culture with vision and core values providing a leading-edge aimed at faster results.

As a Vision & Strategy Coach I support individuals and businesses to L.I.V.E – Lead yourself to Innovate, Visioneer & Expand. My clients are already successful but they want more, some come to coaching because they are stuck, others need a space to brainstorm and challenge their own thinking, many have a hunch that things may not be as they seem and are looking for a fresh perspective, while others are frustrated, overwhelmed or even underwhelmed.

Each client is clear that they want something different and some are not exactly sure what that is. All share the goal, to move themselves or their business to next level operations and success, this is the result they achieve through coaching with me and working their plan

Let's start the process to realize YOUR vision

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LIVE Coaching Model

​My LIVE coaching model provides clients with a brief insight into the general coaching process I employ.

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Together we will bring about clarity in your business or life vision & strategy. You will gain fresh perspectives and renewed energy, focus and commitment to achieve your goals.