Wrinkle-free Soul?

"Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up wrinkles the soul"

This quote is attributed to Douglas MacArthur, American General and Field Marshal, who died 55 years ago.

Is your soul a little wrinkled or does it resemble the dry cracked ground of the Mojave Salt Flats? What would it take re-hydrate or rejuvenate? Whether it has been a long, dry spell or a recent curve ball that is responsible for the onset of wrinkles on your soul, there are 5 surefire actions you can take that promise to be way more effective than anti-wrinkle cream can ever be on an aging face.

  1. Get curious - rather than accepting the status quo ask yourself what is your best hope for; where you want to go? what you want to do? who you want to be? what you want to have?

  2. Allow yourself to respond without limitation and listen to your answers. If limitations arise be willing to consider an alternative, more empowering perspective, and challenge yourself to re-frame to a more hopeful outlook. Dig deep to know what is important to you about the life you want to live.

  3. Create an action plan and implement an accountability structure to ensure you follow-through. Clearly, if we have wrinkles on our soul, we have allowed ourselves to desert our ideals & dreams, this suggests that we are not strong or disciplined in self-accountability. Your action plan is the road map to a wrinkle free soul but it won't get you to the destination if you don't follow it. So consider what accountability system will work best for you and use it!

  4. Know that, if you haven't yet optimized your psychology, you can build the mental muscle to support you to move forward. It is our weakened state that allowed us to give up in the first place, but the journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step. Just as we can train our bodies and mind to be healthy, to run a marathon or consistently workout at the gym, we can also take steps to retrain our mind and improve our mindset. The internet is pregnant with resources search them out, buy and read books, become others-centric & commit yourself to certain acts of service, put yourself in the "right" place with the "right" people that will speak life to your soul & your dreams and build you up (certain, not all, family members, church, certain friends, a mentor, a coach).

  5. Appreciate your progress, no matter how small. Affirm yourself and give thanks - not only to acknowledge and appreciate your steps towards a more youthful outlook and fulfilled life but also be grateful for and to others who are supporting you back to greener pastures, contributing to a renewed zest for life.

Surely Douglas MacArthur was on to something when he shared his insight and words of wisdom with us so many years ago?

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