Season Over

January 3, 2020

Taking down the Christmas decorations yesterday offered me an opportunity to reflect on how we go about acknowledging a season is over. Firstly, I was struck by thoughts of all the beauty that Christmas brings; the love of God (this annual celebration that God so loved us that He sent His Son to die for us and in this season we celebrate the day He came to earth) the love of family, of friends, the generosity of gift giving and everyone generally being a little kinder, the festive decor that brightens and transforms homes, streets and stores - Ah, the season of goodwill!

Then my thoughts moved to the New Year celebrations; the nostalgia and appreciation for events, miracles, lessons, kindnesses, overcoming challenges and growth that had taken place in the last year. Immediately after, the stark undeniable fact that January 1 had come and gone came to mind followed by “it is time to move on”. I wanted to embrace the new season, today! I needed to move from the glitter and festivity and welcome the opportunity that 2020 brings. So at 7:00am, after a brisk morning walk, I looked at the Christmas tree and went into action.

Could dismantling the tree be seen as a metaphor for a process to adopt when any season is over in our lives?

Here’s how I went about it:

1. I disconnected the extension cable (the source that took electricity/power/current from the outlet to the lights on the tree) - Sometimes a season is over and we don’t realize that we are still connected to it, hoping to get life, power, current from it. The only person who can disconnect us from it is ourself!

2. I took off my most prized, sentimental, adornments first - silver and sparkly letters depicting the initial of each family member and carefully wrapped them to ensure that they are protected and maintain their shine for year after year as they will always have pride of place on our tree, and more will be added as our family grows - From any season there are special sparkly moments, beautiful memories, significant life lessons, sentimental objects that will have a place in each new season, not to be dwelled upon but rather to add to the wonderful tapestry of our lives going forward.

3. I considered what I want to use next year and then began to remove what I won’t be using first so that I could place them at the bottom of the box and ensure that the decorations I do want to use will be near the top when I need them - While some experiences, people, things may have shone for you in a season and you have appreciated them, you don’t want to or can’t take them into the next. But you treat them with respect as you gently and orderly pack them away, then you may return to them in a future season.

4. I recognized that a couple of pieces were bruised, at the end of their life span and, even though I have enjoyed and appreciated them, it was evidently time to let them go - and so it is with certain memories, people, pets and objects at the end of a season, we have to let them go.

Now, having put away 2019 Christmas decorations my space is clear again, I am ready for the new season and all the opportunities it will bring, whatever they may be!

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