I want to talk a little about curiosity. Why “a little”? Certainly not as a reflection of the value that I place on curiosity, but rather in the hope that these few words might spur you to become more curious about you!

In 2012 NASA landed it’s aptly named Curiosity Rover on Mars to explore whether the planet is suitable for life. Through this writing I invite you to consider taking a ride in your own Curiosity Rover and see what you find that is suitable for life and then, as NASA continues to do in relation to inhabiting Mars, explore what you need to learn and bring along in order to thrive. defines curiosity as “the state of being curious: inquisitive, wondering, ready to poke around and figure something out.”’s tagline is “curiosity makes you smarter.” What might your life be like if you were to “poke around and figure something out” and then become smarter about how you engage in life?

* How do you take responsibility for your life?

* What if you were to go deeper than the first answer that

comes to mind when asked; what do you want in life?

* What do you value and how do your values show up in your


* What might be revealed if you ask yourself; why do I do, say

or think that?

* How might your mind respond if you were to ask yourself to

consider your position from a different perspective?

* Where might you go in life if you gave yourself permission to

dream and to choose?

* What might you change, or try, if you were to drop limitations

you have accepted as fixed?

What is coming up for you as you read these questions? Are you tempted to get in your Curiosity Rover? What will you do with what you find? The awareness that arises will prompt a shift in your psyche, so how will you put that shift to work in your favour? What are the first action steps you can take to move forward with a clear view and fresh outlook?

Questions, questions, questions! This is the road of curiosity and there are a myriad of ways you can travel. You could journal, you could explore with a close family member or friend, you could partner with a trusted colleague or mentor, there is also coaching. Coaching offers a safe, judgement-free, supportive and confidential space for you to “think out-loud” and gain clarity, to explore and evaluate your goals, what is needed to achieve them/what might get in the way, to develop action plans and mitigation strategies, as well as build confidence, additional skills and set new standards for yourself.

A new year is upon us. If 2020 is going to be your year for doing things differently, why not invest in coaching? Message me or give me a call to schedule an appointment.

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