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My clients invest mentally, physically and financially to fulfill their intention, achieve their vision, and take action transitioning their life dreams in to reality! Working together we focus on your goals and direction. In a clear and open environment we elicit solutions that lead to greater effectiveness, increased energy and opportunity, more joy and, professional and personal fulfillment.

I offer in person sessions or, for your convenience, coaching can take place over the internet, voice only or with video. Often times voice only provides for a deeper more intense experience as you remain in a familiar place without distractions of the unfamiliar. I work with your preference.

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Business Coaching

& Consulting  

Today, coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization’s most critical talent. — David B Peterson, Director, Executive Coaching & Leadership, Google

Wonder why your company is struggling to reach its vision? Your team misses its monthly targets? Focus and intensity wanes and, plans are derailed by distractions? Peter Drucker, Management Expert and Author posits “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”!

Need to align your corporate culture with your company vision, business goals and values?

Company sponsored coaching contributes greatly to employee engagement as positive empowering changes take place in individuals that add to overall team development and unity. With personal and professional goal setting and achievement taking place, an investment in coaching also generates loyalty.  In coaching business owners and team leaders, I provide a safe confidential space for them to explore and identify what needs to change and choose structures that will support them and the business in a new way forward.

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

Your company’s vision is your “why” and your values are your direction and compass. A clear vision and core values embraced by the team and incorporated in all aspects of the business drives productivity and focus to attain extraordinary results.

I work with leaders and teams to connect company culture with the vision, values, strategy, goals and objectives, creating an environment for business success and for people to flourish. As a consultant I provide a unique, transparent system that promotes accountability, employee engagement and advances corporate  culture alignment as well as monitors the progression towards it.


This Corporate Culture Alignment program includes 1:1 coaching with key leaders and consists of a 6-month minimum process,  working with teams to implement the program.

Ready for your business breakthrough?


Executive Director, Michigan

I was facing a huge life transition when I engaged Melanie. What I thought would be my main focus evolved into a number of surrounding issues to which I was holding on tightly. Melanie helped facilitate a deepened understanding of how seemingly unrelated issues were playing into my life's transition. She patiently and empathetically supported me, challenged me to look at my self and goals honestly, followed up  on action items, and created an incredible space of trust and non-judgment in which I could confide and experiment with new tools for action. She is a gifted coach and I would recommend her to others in a heartbeat!


C.F.O., Ghandhidham, India

“Melanie is just a brilliant coach and I am so grateful for the fact that I got an opportunity to be her client. She is really kind, patient and she brings a very warm presence to her sessions. She always gave me a very protected, confidential yet very open space where I felt very comfortable in opening up to my issues and identifying them. She is immensely supportive and does impeccable follow-up even after a session is over. I always felt her to be sincerely concerned about me and that encouraged me a lot to work with her. She helped me to identify a lot of my beliefs which has allowed me to make some major breakthroughs in the places where I felt stuck. She also always helped me to put my thoughts into action instead of finding ways to delay it. This was especially helpful for a major procrastinator like me. I really recommend Melanie to anybody who's looking for some positive executive or leadership coaching. She is a wonderful coach. Thank you so much Melanie for all your help and support!

Sarah Shokraie 
Vancouver, BC

“Melanie was incredible in helping me discover the underlying causes behind the issues I brought to our sessions, and with creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere to address them in. I felt like I could be completely open and myself when talking with her. I cannot thank her enough for her never-ending encouragement and attentiveness which allowed me to come to terms with where I am and where I want to go. I am much more confident in who I am now. Thank you so much, Melanie!”

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